Nestle Health Science:
Where Nutrition Becomes Therapy

Nestle Health Science (NHS) has advance laboratories that develop food suit for each health conditions. With the latest knowledge in nutrition, we aim to become the leader in the new nutrition environment where nutrition becomes therapy and consumer are taking care of their health through food.

Our products is endorsed by health care professional. We select the best quality ingredients so that you can trust NESTLE's quality.

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1. Healthy Aging 50+

Getting sufficient protein and energy per day when you are 50+
Boost Optimum Maintain your strength with correct nutrition supports with complete nutrition that has Whey protein for elderly

2. Diabetes

Enjoy life as usual with Nutren Balance Care your blood sugar and LDL level at once.

3. Cancer

Right nutrition for cancer patients with Oral Impact the only Immuno-nutrition in the market

4. Digesting / Absorbing issue

When you have Digesting / Absorbing issue, takes care withPeptamen The only product that has hydrolyzed whey protein and MCT oils, which can be absorb directly with out digesting.

5. Picky eater child, 1-10 years old

Slow growth, not enough nutrition per day. Takes care with Nutren Junior Food that designed for children, with right nutrition supports.

6. Chronic diarrhea/constipation

Irregular diarrhea/constipation can effect your lifestyle. Add Fibre with Nutren Fibre

7. Tube feeding or Bedridden

Long term care, value for money formula with Isocal

8. 60+ 70+ has Dysphagia

Dysphagia can harm your health. Ease the difficulty with Resource Thicken Up


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